Morning Adventure: Gonzalez Family

One weekend shoot in Disneyland and another at California Adventure – this annual pass is so useful, I just can’t stand it! =) I spent the morning at Cali Adventure with Lyle, Rea and Gavin a few weeks ago, and though little Gavin seemed shy at first, he quickly got over it with a little help from some snacks Mom and Dad had stashed. Parents are just always prepared, I love it!

We walked around Paradise Pier, my favorite part of the park, and when he saw the open space, Gavin let loose and looked like the happiest kid there. He walked around the shops like he was searching for something to buy, tried on some mouse ears, grabbed some candy that he handed to his mom and that Rea put back on the shelf, haha!

It was a quick, but fun shoot and I can’t wait for next year’s! =)

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