Jungle Baby: Henry’s 1st Birthday

My co-worker, Nicole, saw a Jr. Zookeeper outfit and it just clicked – jungle theme for her son, Henry’s first birthday! Cartoon animal faces hung from the ceilings, stuffed wildlife were hanging out in practically every room and heck, even their dogs, Libby and Blarney Stone, were dressed for the occasion. The celebrant was dressed for a safari, and he spent the afternoon exploring his habitat accordingly.

Henry is one of the most independent babies I’ve ever met and, lucky me, I got to follow him around with very little resistance from the little guy. He kept his patience with the strange lady snapping photos every five seconds; generous with his chockfull of smiles.

Caketime was the most entertaining part of the day, with Henry getting his own little “smash” cupcake, complete with an elephant favor on top. After smashing happily for a few minutes, he took a quick shower in the kitchen sink before opening his gifts, and just like that, Nicole and Mike had a 1-year old. I can’t believe this is the same little boy  from last December who could barely even sit up and now he’s this toddler riding big wheels.

Thanks, Nicole and Mike, for inviting me to share in Henry’s fun day!

A Tiny, Quiet Blessing: Lorelai’s Baptism

She was sound asleep in her little swing, and no amount of noise seemed to endanger her peaceful slumber. Her little hands were folded in front of her and just like that, I was putty…again…and each time after that when I see her precious face. My niece, Lorelai, was baptized this past summer and I received the awesome honor to be one of her godparents.

The ceremony was held at St. Brendan and presided over by Father Ken, the same beautiful church where Lorelai’s parents were married and the same hilarious priest who married them just a few short years ago. Since I was part of the ceremony, I couldn’t take very many pictures, so Auntie Bev was kind enough to take over.

Lorelai was awake for the entire baptism and we didn’t hear one peep from her. No crying and no fussiness whatsoever. She sat there in her Dad’s arms, seemingly listening to everything Fr. Ken was saying, keeping calm and quiet when the water was poured over her head, and she continued to be so until the ceremony was over. After about half an hour, Matt and Rochelle had a newly baptized baby daughter and us very proud godparents had another blessing in our adorable, angel of a goddaughter.