About me…

DSC05946DSC05937Those who can’t do, teach? Those who don’t like having their pictures taken, become photographers. haha, just kidding! (ok maybe not) I won’t lie – I’m camera-shy! (and a poet, apparently) But that makes me love taking pictures even more! I want to be able to say – I was there when that happened. I, for lack of a more eloquent, less trite term, froze that moment in time. It’s one of my sources of absolutely pure gratitude.

Every photographer says they’ve been shooting since they could remember; that they knew when they were 11 years old that photography would be their life. I wish I could say the same, but at age 5, when Dad first taught me how to take a picture with his old school Nikon slr (the kind you had to wind after every shot) the first thing I remember thinking was, “This thing is heavy.” I’m glad that didn’t stop me from taking pictures though, because despite the weight of that body + flash, I still remember how much fun I had walking around family parties taking pictures; how much I enjoyed taking pictures of classmates at school; how much I wanted to make sure that I would never forget that moment.

Need me for a shoot or just want to chat about photography? Email me! ALBGonda213@gmail.com

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