About me…

2R4A2824Anna Gonda – I know what you’re thinking…”don’t want none, unless ya’ got buns hun.” If you get that reference, high five! If you don’t, it’s all good. Let’s YouTube it and laugh together =)

ANYHOW….I’m Anna – HI!! I am a part-time photographer because I sorta love my M-F (sometimes Sat-Sun, ha!) full-time job…and also because I think I’m Wonder Woman, and I can do it all (can’t we though?!). Either way, I’ve got the resume of a photog – yearbook editor, class historian, shutterbug at every event I’m attending or place I’m visiting – I just love taking photos. I think it’s because I love holding on – to things, to people, to moments, to feelings – and for me, photos are one way to do that.

I also love my family, my friends and my doggy. I’m a recovering control freak who enjoys that chill life whenever I can get it (that “chill life”…I’m probably not young enough to be using that term haha!). Travel is amazing, as is sushi, iced green tea, and anything covered in chocolate. My mom’s cooking is life (no one cooks Filipino food like her, except maybe my grandfather – God Rest His Soul <3), my dad is my hero, my baby sis is fire, and seriously, my dog is the best =)

And now that you’ve read what sounds like a dating profile, I’d like to offer my help if you’d like to hold on to any of the things I like to hold on to as well. Just gimme a holler! ALBGonda213@gmail.com

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