Red-dy for Christmas: Mindanao Family

Cute. Cute. And…CUTE SOME MORE. As if my niece Lorelai’s adorableness wasn’t to-die for enough, her puppy sister Chewie had to share in the spotlight. Either way, it’s hard not to keep your eyes on either of them. Lorelai, in her fancy red dress and headband, looked like she was ready for a cocktail party. And Chewie looked like Santa’s little helper.

My cousin, Matt, who I literally grew up with since we were 4 years old, is like a brother to me. His dad was my dad’s best man, and when I moved here from the Philippines, he was my first friend. And Rochelle? I’ve known her just as long. Her parents were friends of my aunt and uncle and we ended up going to the same high school. She took Matt to prom, they dated, got married and now I have a niece who melts my very heart when I see her happy face. Can’t forget Chewie, who always seems so excited when I visit. Ok fine, she’s excited each time ANYONE visits, but still, it’s nice when someone’s happy you’re there. haha!

I’m so happy to have been around for Lorelai’s first Christmas season, and I’m looking forward to 20 years from now when I’ll be telling her what an adorable baby she was =)

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