A Space of Their Own: Colin’s 2nd Birthday

He loves basketball and he loves Disneyland. At 2 years old, what more, really, do you need in life? For Colin, a few hours at an indoor playground with his friends and cousins was the perfect celebration. There were toys everywhere, a huge inflatable slide that the kids spent hours climbing up and sliding down from, having the grandest ol’ time you could have as a kid. I miss being a kid.

I’ve known Colin’s mom, Cheska, since we were in high school. She was a senior when I was a freshman and all the proverbials about looking up to her and her class, being intimidated, etc, those all apply. I’m so happy that we’ve managed to see each other through the years, despite the time between her graduation and, well, Facebook =)

Thanks again, Cheska and Richard, for asking me to capture your little boy’s special day!

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