Gonzalez Family

The last family session I did before Christmas was quite the whirlwind. I drove to Placentia to hang out with Rea, Lyle and Gavin for the afternoon and we literally raced against sunset. We drove to a park about 10-15 minutes away from their house and, our luck, caught the sun just as it was making its way down into the horizon. 

We worked steadfastly, getting in as many shots before dark; me thinking quicker than I’ve ever had to, even during a wedding.  But then, no joke, everything just stopped for a few seconds for me. Little Gavin was getting so excited playing with the leaves that blanketed the grass that I just had to take a moment to crack up with him. He looked like the happiest kid, with his mom and dad picking up the leaves and dropping them around their little boy. And Gavin LOVED it, sitting there with the little yellow ring around his wrist. haha!

Rea said he loves that ring…that particular yellow ring that’s part of that tower of different colored, different sized rings. He doesn’t necessarily have to wear it; he just wants to have it with him And each time they tried to take it from him during the shoot, he would cry, it was the cutest thing. He’s such a happy little boy. It didn’t take much to make him laugh, as you can see. A clap of the hands by mom or dad and it’s crack-up city.

What a fun shoot, with a fun family! I love when work doesn’t feel like work, and that was the case that Sunday afternoon.