Kindred Spirits: Andrew

When one chooses to explore any endeavour, the potential for success is always incumbant upon the amount of work an individual puts in. But no matter how much of yourself you offer, the addition of support from another never hurts. In fact, it will most likely always help. I know I’ve mentioned this ad nauseum, but man almighty am I blessed to have so many talented friends to lean on! Whenever I am unsure of the quality of my work, or whenever the evils of self-doubt start to creep into my confidence, there is always someone there to either encourage me, or help me get better.

Andrew and I have known each other since college, over 10 years now, and he’s become an even more awesome friend to me over the years than I can put into words. Other than being there to be just my bud, he’s also someone who I admire as an artist. The guy’s got this architect-interior/graphic design-photography mind that our friends and I take advantage of whenever we can, and he is always so willing to help.

He designed a shirt for a charity walk and asked if I could take some picture of it. We ended up spending the afternoon shooting more than that. We drove up to this moutain/park area with Larnie, and there were just so many places to shoot. The sun was just in the right place and, well, we went to town with the atmosphere that surrounded us.

Thanks again for the fun day, Andrew! My turn next…maybe soon =)

My Family

Every year, usually before Christmas time, we take family photos to send with holiday cards. Instead of taking pictures by the tree, I suggested that this year we take photos outside for a change. Actually, I didn’t so much suggest it as I did tell my family we were taking pictures outside and that we were all to wear some shade of blue, and they had no choice because I was in charge. What a power tripper I am, huh?

So we drove to nearby Grandview Park and had some fun. Mom and Dad rather enjoyed their little pictorial and my sister, well, just look at her. What a ham, right? Last Christmas, my aunt gave her this polar bear hat as a fun gift,¬†and she just went to town with it that day. hahaha! I told her that she’s lucky to be an artist. She can get away with being weird like this. haha!

It was a fun hour of shooting, mostly because I got to be bossy. =)