My Family

Every year, usually before Christmas time, we take family photos to send with holiday cards. Instead of taking pictures by the tree, I suggested that this year we take photos outside for a change. Actually, I didn’t so much suggest it as I did tell my family we were taking pictures outside and that we were all to wear some shade of blue, and they had no choice because I was in charge. What a power tripper I am, huh?

So we drove to nearby Grandview Park and had some fun. Mom and Dad rather enjoyed their little pictorial and my sister, well, just look at her. What a ham, right? Last Christmas, my aunt gave her this polar bear hat as a fun gift,¬†and she just went to town with it that day. hahaha! I told her that she’s lucky to be an artist. She can get away with being weird like this. haha!

It was a fun hour of shooting, mostly because I got to be bossy. =)