The Hungry Caterpillar: Leah’s 1st Birthday

 She was totally overwhelmed. After a long nap, walking into a backyard full of people will do that to you…especially if you’re only a year old. Seems like just a few months ago we were at the Cathedral for Leah’s Baptism, and suddenly, poof! 1st birthday!

What a fun day this was! Leah’s theme was Eric Carle’s “The Hungry Caterpillar,” and Rowena, Leah’s mom, went through great lengths to keep the theme throughout. All the little details, from the caterpillar-shaped balloons, to the cups and party hats, to the incredible cake! They didn’t miss a beat.

To entertain the guests, a bird-trainer came by with four of his parrots to do tricks and such. Super entertaining!

It was a warm day in Ladera Ranch, but the birthday girl could care less. She was smiles all afternoon, walking every which way, greeting playmates and just being the best at one that she could be.

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