A Magical Age: Leah’s 3rd Birthday

No longer a baby, but not quite a big kid – that’s what 3 years old is, and as far as I can remember, it was a pretty fun time. Adorable little Leah is the epitome of fun. At this unique indoor playground with full-sized contraptions of all sorts, Leah jumped and climbed on and over all of them, the swing being her most favorite spot to hang out. This gal is an absolute ham, and I have enjoyed watching her grow up to be such a wonderful little tot, just like her older sister, mom and dad (who aren’t tots, but they’re wonderful just the same).

Leah took after Abby Gadabby for her third birthday celebration, with pigtails and a friendly smile to match =)

And one more thing – her party favors? A fish for each kid, home and care instructions included.
2013-01-05_001 2013-01-05_002 2013-01-05_0072013-01-05_003 2013-01-05_0082013-01-05_0092013-01-05_0102013-01-05_0112013-01-05_0122013-01-05_0132013-01-05_004 2013-01-05_005 2013-01-05_0142013-01-05_0152013-01-05_0162013-01-05_0172013-01-05_0182013-01-05_0192013-01-05_0202013-01-05_006

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