Not So Terrible Two: Henry’s 2nd Birthday

I was there to celebrate Henry’s 1st birthday last September, and suddenly, there I was when he turned two years old. My boss, Nicole (Henry’s mom), didn’t plan a huge event, but she and her husband nonetheless wanted to make sure Henry knew how special that day was. After work, I scooted to their house for a late afternoon session, and their place was decorated with streamers and balloons. Gifts in bright wrap as well as brown boxes sent from across the miles, sat on the living room tabletop. Henry got a sandbox from his mom and dad and I will never forget his face when he walked into the patio. His Nana (Nicole’s mom) was visiting from Pennsylvania for the weekend and, through the magic of technology, Grammy and Pop were just a skype session away.

He’s such a ball of energy and it’s so fun being able to see him grow up.

Onderland: Natalia’s 1st Birthday

Cutie patootie to the nth degree – that’s little Natalia aka Lia. She’s got one of those faces that you can’t help falling in love with. As soon as she flashes that smile – it’s over, you can have whatever you want, little girl! hahaha!

Her first birthday, organized by my awesome gal pals from FabFour Events, was a celebration in Onederland, complete with tea party table sets, a table of sweet goodies from Theresa’s Custom Cakes (my friend Theresa from college – UCI woohoo!), a photobooth, not to mention an appearance from Alice herself.

Lia was surrounded by nothing but happiness and joy that day – the perfect backdrop for such a sweet little girl!

Wonderful at One: Quentin’s 1st Birthday

Sometimes the stars align and suddenly I’m scheduled to cover two birthday parties in one day. Two parties, two locations, two different times – is that serendipitous or what?! After my afternoon at Travel Town, I scooted east to celebrate Quentin’s first birthday.

I LOVE first birthdays. I mean, I love remembering first everythings, to be quite honest. Knowing how unique each moment or each milestone is, it just makes you appreciate it all the more. Quentin’s first birthday was just one such moment.

Quentin running around his backyard, jumping with his dad in the bounce house, waiting for his balloon animal, smashing his hands into his cake – those are are just memories I know he may never remember, but ones his parents won’t ever forget, and I’m so happy I got to be there to help them keep these memories of his special day in tact.