Wonderful at One: Quentin’s 1st Birthday

Sometimes the stars align and suddenly I’m scheduled to cover two birthday parties in one day. Two parties, two locations, two different times – is that serendipitous or what?! After my afternoon at Travel Town, I scooted east to celebrate Quentin’s first birthday.

I LOVE first birthdays. I mean, I love remembering first everythings, to be quite honest. Knowing how unique each moment or each milestone is, it just makes you appreciate it all the more. Quentin’s first birthday was just one such moment.

Quentin running around his backyard, jumping with his dad in the bounce house, waiting for his balloon animal, smashing his hands into his cake – those are are just memories I know he may never remember, but ones his parents won’t ever forget, and I’m so happy I got to be there to help them keep these memories of his special day in tact.

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