A Unique Love: Grandma & Grandpa Louderback

A couple of weeks after my grandmother passed away, I had a unique session that, looking back on it now, meant a whole lot. I’d done large family shoots before; sessions with parents and kids, but I’d never done one like this – a grandparent shoot. With his mom and dad away for the weekend, Henry got to spend some time with Grammy and Pop, both visiting from Pennsylvania.┬áLiving across the country apart, I could tell that how precious these visits must be, for both parties.

“Isn’t he one of the cutest babies you’ve ever met?” Susan, aka Grammy, gushed.

“He really is,” I told her, hearing my grandmother’s voice in my head.

And she continued to look on lovingly at Henry, as he ran across the sand, climbed up the jungle gym with Pop and laughed as he hopped up and down that tiny playground bridge.

These were the most pictures she’d ever had taken of her, Susan told me. As corny as this will sound, what a privilege, I thought to myself. I just helped Henry, his grandparents and his parents, add to their collection of memories.

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