A Perfect Pair: Jacqueline & Averell

“We usually like to just wing it.”

Winging it – that is  Jackie and Averell’s way of life, and this easygoing quality about them as individuals and as a couple is what makes them so lovable and so wonderful to be around. From the first day I spent time with them (their engagement shoot at the Disney Concert Music Hall), through their wedding day, to a dinner at Cheesecake Factory after they got back from their honeymoon, I always leave their presence in such a great mood.

I’ve known Averell since high school. That is – I knew who he was through mutual friends, but we didn’t become FRIENDS until later in life. He’s a total goofball, and in Jackie, he has found a perfect match. They’re full of jokes and smart remarks, these two. After cutting the tag from her wedding dress, Jackie exclaimed, “Well, can’t return it now. Guess there’s no turning back.” Haha!

Except for a moment during the ceremony when Jackie and Averell had both me and Tam tearing up (and fogging up our LCDs), I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much with a bride and groom, but being around them – you can’t help it.

Thank you so much, Jackie and Averell, for trusting us with your special day and for blessing us with your friendship! Glad you made it back from Australia and New Zealand safely (and with some hilarious stories)!