Shenanigans: My Family

Please just do what I say!

Yeah, that was me that morning. I was blessed to have been so busy this past holiday season with family sessions to shoot practically every weekend that I thought our family shoot would be the quickest and easiest for me to handle. It was so windy that Saturday morning though, and I couldn’t, for some reason, get the settings to cooperate with the lighting and we kept having to move to follow shade or face in different directions because the gusts of wind were sweeping up all the hard work my mom, sister and I spent on our hair, etc. But I eased up eventually because, honestly, what was the big deal? So I practically had to turn the camera in all varying degrees…so the wind was all up in our faces…all that mattered was that I get at least one or two photos to send along with our Christmas greetings, and I did, with my parents and sister providing some much needed comic relief in the between.

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