Our First Christmas: Valles Family

I had the pleasure of shooting quite a few family shoots this holiday season and first up were the Valles Family. Jonah (my godson, woot woot!) was born just this past summer and already he’s such a character! It’s always hit or miss when you’re taking photos of babies and kids, because there’s no telling what exactly will get them to smile or laugh. But before we left the house, there was one thing we couldn’t forget to bring – Jonah’s elephant rattle.

“Just rattle this when it’s time to take the picture,” Ate Tin said. “He loves it!”

With the camera on the tripod, I had a free hand to shake that rattle before every shot and wow, it did wonders because Jonah was smiling practically all morning. What a cutie, and what a heartbreaker this little godson of mine will be when he grows up!

Can’t wait for Jonah’s 6-month shoot, Ate and Jeff!

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