Louderback Family

My co-worker, Nicole and her husband Mike, moved to Southern California about 2 years ago from Pennsylvania. They live in a beautiful house in Dana Point, with a hammock/swing hanging on a tree in their front yard.  It’s located towards the end of a semi-cul de sac, so it’s like a little hideway, very cool.

This past fall, they were blessed with a cute baby boy, Henry. Cute…cute cute cute! It’s so funny taking pictures of babies, especially when they’re as young as Henry. They don’t necessarily really do anything that you want or ask them to do, so you’re pretty much at the mercy of their actions and reactions. I have to say, though, I didn’t really mind. I loved it, capturing Henry’s reaction to Mike trying to make him laugh, or Nicole seating him on her lap. And their dogs, Blarney and Libby, are so gentle around Henry. They’re like his extra guardians and I know the baby is going to grow up just loving them as much as Mike and Nicole do.

After some shots of Henry au naturale (that’ll probably show up in his wedding slideshow, haha!), he was dressed for storytime and it was from the book his parents read that Henry was so named.

Thanks so much for inviting me up for a session, Mike and Nicole!

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