Apple of Their Eyes: Elisabeth’s 1st Birthday

Dressed in her bright beautiful hanbok, little Elisabeth sat her in front of a table filled with a myriad of objects – a microphone, a paint brush, a whisk, a book and a golf club. It’s a Korean tradition, and whichever item Elisabeth picked up first would be an indication of who/what she would become when she grows up. A musician, an artist, a chef, a scholar or an athlete. It really didn’t take long for the celebrant to choose. As soon as she sat down at the table, she picked up…the microphone!

A day already filled with so much joy was magnified more so when, surrounded by her parents and both sets of grandparents, Elisabeth held that microphone in the air as those who loved her applauded her choice.

This special celebration was held at Catal Restaurant in Downtown Disney, the celebrant was cheered on from every corner of the room by her family and friends. Elisabeth is a friendly little girl and she LOVES other kids. It was the most adorable thing to watch her running after her cousins when they left, or hugging other babies when they arrived.  Regardless of what career she decides to pursue 20 years from now, one thing I’m guessing for sure – she’ll probably still be a little sweetie.

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