Sun and Fog: Joan & Bong

So what did I do for my 33rd birthday? I went to mass in the morning, had breakfast with my family, yell at the Lakers-Orlando game…then did a photo shoot. Andrew and I had to manage the shoot ourselves because James was home sick, but I think we did okay =) And honestly, what better way to celebrate another year of life, than doing something that keeps me an eager young student…like photography?

First of all, Joan and Bong are two of the funnest people to be around! Joan is this tiny little lady with the most joyous laugh, which is perfect because her husband (we shot their wedding this weekend. Can you tell how behind I am?), Bong, is nothing but a crack-up. I’ve shot engagement sessions before that were filled with smiles. This one was filled with pure laughter.  We were all literally laughing all day, which made shooting that much easier

We chanced upon this trail/park in Malibu and wow, talk about serendipity! What a beautiful place! It was just such a wonderfully gorgeous day…until it got all foggy. Andrew and I had separated to get some solos of the couple and, seriously, in a span of about 15 minutes, we were literally engulfed in this thick fog. The Thames in London in the winter time type of fog. It was so crazy! But thank goodness it waited until we were done.

Joan and Bong did such a wonderful job that day. Can’t wait to blog about their wedding!

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