Simply Seussical: Charles’ 1st Birthday

There was a life-sized image of the Cat In The Hat attached to the walls, along with other characters from Dr. Seuss’ world. The cake was, well, scroll down and have a look. Talk about accuracy! From the tags on the cupcakes, to the red and turquoise that surrounded everyone, it was a party made for the Cindy Lous and Thing 1 and Thing 2 in all of us.

The best part? Little 1-year old Charles running about. I’m not sure if he’d just learned to walk, but he looked like he was having the time of his life just weaving through the tables and chairs, leading his grandparents up and down the staircase, letting loose on the grass without a care in the world. I was ecstatic for the little guy but oh my, the jealousy I felt as well. Life as a one-year old – I miss that and seeing Charles’ happy face reminded me to always look back on those simple times, if even for a short reverie.

Filled With Grace: Adelyn Mae

…or as she is endearingly called – Maisy. Maisy is a little bubble of baby joy (I love alliteration!). From her morning getting ready for her big day, through the ceremony, and yes, through the raucous celebration at a nearby Chinese restaurant, Maisy was just, there’s no other way to say this – such a good baby!

And for someone so tiny, she sure packs a lot of happy. I, for one, am not at all surprised. Her dad, my friend, Edwin, is a full-time jokester, always making people laugh. But even with that, there’s a quiet side to Maisy, which she gets from her mom, Stacy. And then with big sister, Kayla (my goddaughter =)) guiding her through as well, you can be sure she’ll grow up a smarty pants.

Thanks again, Edwin and Stacy, for asking me to record this super special day for your little girl!


I miss watching my sister play basketball. I used to rush home from work so I could catch her 5:00 game. I miss yelling, “Come on, Pioneers!” and “Let’s go Providence!” or “SHOOT IT, TIN!!”  It was a fun time to be a fan…