Filled With Grace: Adelyn Mae

…or as she is endearingly called – Maisy. Maisy is a little bubble of baby joy (I love alliteration!). From her morning getting ready for her big day, through the ceremony, and yes, through the raucous celebration at a nearby Chinese restaurant, Maisy was just, there’s no other way to say this – such a good baby!

And for someone so tiny, she sure packs a lot of happy. I, for one, am not at all surprised. Her dad, my friend, Edwin, is a full-time jokester, always making people laugh. But even with that, there’s a quiet side to Maisy, which she gets from her mom, Stacy. And then with big sister, Kayla (my goddaughter =)) guiding her through as well, you can be sure she’ll grow up a smarty pants.

Thanks again, Edwin and Stacy, for asking me to record this super special day for your little girl!

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