Double Blessings: Charlie & Alex’s Baptism

My head must’ve been really occupied these past few months because I had this post saved as a draft but never published it! Anyway, it’s such a waste not to share it since it was such a wonderful day so I’ll see what I can recall.

I remember it had been raining all week in those last few days of October. That’s autumn in Southern California for ya’. It was cold and wet but for some reason, on that day before Halloween, the sun came up over the horizon and stayed there for the rest of the day. Maybe the rain was really on its way out. Maybe rainy season was coming to a close. Or maybe God saw His new precious children in Charlie and Alex and couldn’t resist.

Charlie and Alex are 10 months as we speak, and these were taken about four months ago. They’re much bigger now, and they know how to do so much more than they used to, but their baptism day is something their parents can tell them about when they’re older. It was such a happy day, for two such happy babies.

I drove to Iya and Chris’ in the morning so I could take some shots of them getting ready for the big day. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from these awesome parent-friends of mine, it’s that teamwork is not just one thing, it’s EVERYTHING, especially when there are kids in multiples. I got to watch the girls while their parents got dressed, and they were both just so well-behaved, playing with their toys while I snapped away.

After they were dressed, we headed to Holy Family in Pasadena for the wonderful celebration of initiation into God’s family. It was a private ceremony for the girls, so the church was filled with family and friends. I got to be one of the honored few to be godmother (to Alex), and it is a position that I will always hold dear.

The girls were so good during the whole ceremony, mostly staring curiously at everything and everyone around them; from waiting in the pews to the moment of truth at the baptismal fount, Charlie and Alex were as well-behaved as Iya and Chris could hope for.

Lunch at a nearby buffet was a great way to end that most wonderful occasion. Now we get to watch as the girls continue to, well, grow.

[(Honorable mention: Nothing Bundt Cakes made these delicious bundtinis, and Iya made those cute tag stands to commemorate Charlie and Alex’s special day. We put those tags together the night before. Good stuff, huh? =)]

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