The All-American Girl: Kaitlin

For the last couple of years, my Uncle Ron, Aunt Donna and cousin, Kaitlin have visited Cali from Florida for the holidays. On New Year’s Eve, we were all at my grandparents’ house talking about our New Year’s Day plans, and since Kait had just turned 18, we thought it’d be fun to do a random shoot.

So the next day, despite being a little hungover from the late-night New Year’s Eve of family bonding, a bunch of us got together to get Kaitlin ready then headed to Grandview Park in Glendale. My sister did her hair, my cousin Keshia did her make-up, her sister Mari decided on her wardrobe, and my cousin Joey came to second-shoot.  It was a family affair to say the least, and it was every bit as fun as I hoped it would be.

Joey’s working hard on getting his head around photography, like me, and I hope I’ve imparted some helpful hints, relatively-limited though my knowledge is. Focus and re-frame, right Joey? =) It’s always fun to learn new things, and passing on what I know is like paying it forward because I’ve been so lucky to receive the tutelage that I do. I just hope I’m pointing him in the right direction, since I’m still learning myself.  How am I doing, kiddo? haha…

Anyhow, my cousin Kaitlin is just the sweetest gal. She has been since she was little. Now she’s this 18-year old who loves Bruno Mars (she literally stops midway through a sentence when he comes on radio), as beautiful and charming as they come, and just a pleasant personality to be around. Hopefully those holiday visits become more frequent.

Make-up artist, hair-stylist, model and fashion consultant =)

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