Jovi & Eddie – Wedding: Calamigos Ranch

She keeps cool, this friend of mine, which is why I knew her wedding day would be an enjoyable day. Jovi was calm as a cucumber (where does this phrase come from and what does it mean?!). When I got to her hotel room, she was getting her hair done. She sat there just chatting and joking with everyone, like it was just any ol’ day even though it wasn’t anywhere near  just any ol’ day.

Hair and make-up were done efficiently and beautifully by the always awesome Sherry from The Artform Studio, so unlike many wedding days, the bride actually had time to relax and take a breath before she had to get dressed. As if we were just having lunch in the break room at the office, Jovi and I simply chatted as her maid-of-honor and bridesmaid got ready and I was taking photos of her. I wanted to blurt out, “how can you be so calm?!” But that’s just how she is. Jovi goes with the flow, which makes her so unbelievably capable of doing everything without going completely and utterly nuts.

When it came time for her and Eddie to have their first look, she traipsed towards him, almost doing a little dance in the process. I won’t lie – when they finally met eyes and hugged, I had to keep myself from crying. I’d been friends with them for over seven years; knew the ups as well as the downs and I was just so happy for them.

Thanks so much for entrusting us with your special day, Joves and Edward!!! Love you guys!

2014-06-25_030 2014-06-25_031 2014-06-25_032 2014-06-25_033 2014-06-25_035 2014-06-25_036 2014-06-25_037 2014-06-25_038 2014-06-25_039 2014-06-25_040 2014-06-25_041 2014-06-25_044

Tam said that Eddie and his good friend Darrin were total hams in front of the camera and I didn’t need to see the photos to believe it. 2014-06-25_045 2014-06-25_046 2014-06-25_047 2014-06-25_048 2014-06-25_049 2014-06-25_050 2014-06-25_051 2014-06-25_052 2014-06-25_054 2014-06-25_055 2014-06-25_056 2014-06-25_057 2014-06-25_058 2014-06-25_059 2014-06-25_060

I just adore Jovi and Eddie’s parents. They’re so very blessed to have grown up in such loving households.2014-06-25_061 2014-06-25_062 2014-06-25_063 2014-06-25_064 2014-06-25_065 2014-06-25_066 2014-06-25_067 2014-06-25_068 2014-06-25_069 2014-06-25_070 2014-06-25_071 2014-06-25_072 2014-06-25_073 2014-06-25_074 2014-06-25_075 2014-06-25_076 2014-06-25_077 2014-06-25_078 2014-06-25_079 2014-06-25_080 2014-06-25_082 2014-06-25_083 2014-06-25_084

Jovi’s cousin and husband refused to miss out on all the dancing fun just because little Parker was asleep, so they stepped outside and had a party of their own.2014-06-25_085 2014-06-25_086 2014-06-25_087

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