Pantipa & Roy – Expecting: Kenneth Hahn Park

My good friend Roxana was planning a silent auction to raise money for the¬†Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and asked if I’d donate a session as a bidding item. I didn’t even have to think twice about it – heck yes! A few months after her event, I received an email from Pantipa, who said that she and her husband were having their first baby and wanted to do a maternity session. Pantipa and her husband, Roy were a few weeks away from their due date, and were just the sweetest people you could meet.

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Emi’s 1st Birthday: Cerritos, CA

Oh the ingenuity! My college friends, Belle and Lou, found the perfect theme for their daughter’s 1st birthday – Oh the places she’ll go!¬†Hot air balloons and and blue skies everywhere! Even on Emi’s dress!

Belle, with her passion for baking, even made the cake pops and the cake herself!

Hope you had a super happy birthday, Emi!!