Sophie’s 1st Birthday: Pure Sunshine

Sunshine – what a wonderfully bright and cheery theme for a 1st birthday! But aside from the sunny details of the day (that garland was handmade by mom, one pom-pom at a time), what struck me most was the light that little Sophie provides for her family. She’s an observant little ball of curiosity and sweetness, just like one-year old girls should be.

2014-04-05_0032014-04-05_001 2014-04-05_0142014-04-05_002 2014-04-05_004 2014-04-05_005 2014-04-05_006 2014-04-05_007 2014-04-05_0112014-04-05_0082014-04-05_0092014-04-05_0122014-04-05_0102014-04-05_0132014-04-05_015 2014-04-05_016 2014-04-05_017 2014-04-05_018 2014-04-05_019

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