Edward’s Baptism: Burbank

Baptisms – I love ’em.

I’m surrounded by married friends who have kids, and I love these kids like my own nieces and nephews. Edward is one of my little “nephews,” and he’s just a ball of joy. The cheeks you just want to squeeze all day aside, he’s a low-key baby; doesn’t make a lot of noise, but seems to have some sort of smirk each time you glance at him.

He didn’t cry when the holy water was poured over his head, only looking at his parents in confusion after. Towards the end of the ceremony, all the babies who were just baptized, were raised, like Simba over Pride Rock. It was a sort of welcoming into God’s family, officially.
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Pat’s 66th Birthday – Pasadena, CA

I have a soft spot for moms and dads – my own and other people’s, as odd as that may sound. Maybe it’s because I’m so close to my own parents.

When my high school friend, Jamie (a mighty fine photog buddy), asked if I could take pictures at her mom’s 66th birthday, I was honored. And I loved that she was celebrating a 66th birthday. Who said the only milestones ended in zeroes or fives?

Tita Pat (yes, I call her Auntie, in Tagalog, because that’s what Filipinos do) is this warm ball of smiles. She was ecstatic to be there celebrating with her friends and family, and our friends at Event Shop did such an incredible job to make the room at Pandora on Green a beautiful, bright space that reflected Tita Pat’s personality.
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Amanda & Paolo: Wedding – San Diego, CA

“I’m engaged, Ate!” he said. (For anyone who doesn’t speak Tagalog, “Ate” pronounced Ah-teh, is how Filipinos address older sisters and older female cousins.)


“Ate? Hello? Say something!”

It had only been 2013 for about five days, and I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work when my cousin, PJ called to tell me the news. He was engaged…to someone I’d never met, because they’d only been dating a short while. Would “shock” be an appropriate word to describe how I felt when he told me? Sure, but I’d call it more of an understatement because I literally, in those five seconds after hearing his news, couldn’t talk.

I’d always thought of PJ as a little brother, and because each of us grew up as an only child for so many years (until my sister was born), it was an easy relationship to categorize. I worried like an older sister when he joined the air force, celebrated when he became a nurse, and now that he was engaged, the first thing I wanted to say was, “It’s too soon and you’re too young.” But I realized, eventually, that love has its own unique timeline for everyone and at 30, he wasn’t too young at all; just to me, who still saw him as a little boy.

The two months after that phone call whizzed by, because PJ and his fiancĂ©, Amanda, didn’t feel it necessary to use an entire year to plan a huge wedding, when all they wanted was to be husband and wife, and have their family and friends there to celebrate. So on a beautiful March Friday in San Diego, PJ donned his air force uniform, Amanda wore a cute dress and skirt bottom from H&M (who knew they could dress a bride so beautifully?!) and my little cousin became someone’s husband.

The ceremony was held on the front lawn of the San Diego Downtown Courthouse, a hearty lunch was had at a nearby restaurant and a casual, fun-filled cocktail reception on the rooftop of the W Hotel concluded the celebration.

Happy Marriage Wishes, you two!!

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