Pat’s 66th Birthday – Pasadena, CA

I have a soft spot for moms and dads – my own and other people’s, as odd as that may sound. Maybe it’s because I’m so close to my own parents.

When my high school friend, Jamie (a mighty fine photog buddy), asked if I could take pictures at her mom’s 66th birthday, I was honored. And I loved that she was celebrating a 66th birthday. Who said the only milestones ended in zeroes or fives?

Tita Pat (yes, I call her Auntie, in Tagalog, because that’s what Filipinos do) is this warm ball of smiles. She was ecstatic to be there celebrating with her friends and family, and our friends at Event Shop did such an incredible job to make the room at Pandora on Green a beautiful, bright space that reflected Tita Pat’s personality.
2013-08-23_156 2013-08-23_157 2013-08-23_158 2013-08-23_159 2013-08-23_160 2013-08-23_161 2013-08-23_162 2013-08-23_163 2013-08-23_164 2013-08-23_165 2013-08-23_166 2013-08-23_167 2013-08-23_168 2013-08-23_169 2013-08-23_170 2013-08-23_171 2013-08-23_172 2013-08-23_173

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