Vanessa & Monte: Wedding – Hummingbird Ranch

With each wedding I get to shoot, I  become more appreciative in times when I get to be “just a guest.” On this awesomely special day in May, I got to be one at my high school friend, Vanessa’s wedding.

We attended a private, all-girl, Catholic high school, and while we were there, I strengthened my foundation of female friendships. We were all about the girl power back then; the power of our minds, the power of our voices, but most of all, the power of our hearts. Vanessa was the quintessential power gal. She was always one of those girlfriends who I could depend on for help with schoolwork, a good laugh, and best of all, honest, yet heartfelt advice.

Graduation forced our separation (off to UCLA she went, and down to UCIrvine I went), but each time we get together for dinner or a celebration, it’s like no time has passed between us. She has the same joyful smile and laugh she did when we were 16, her sarcasm is ever present and that gorgeous heart of hers is still there.

Monte is one lucky man to have stolen my friend’s heart, and I’m so happy Vanessa has found a lifelong companion in him. Their wedding was beautiful. No amount of drizzle or chilly wind could dampen such a blessing of a day.


2014-04-05_082 2014-04-05_089 2014-04-05_090 2014-04-05_091

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