Angelina & Jesse: Wedding – San Luis Obispo, CA

Having basically a girls’ weekend up in beautiful San Luis Obispo with my buddy, Tam, isn’t exactly what I’d call “work,” but we did manage to get in some labor of sorts to shoot my awesome co-worker,  Jesse’s, wedding to his beautiful bride, Angelina.

I’d been battling an awful flu that week, but with the help of antibiotics, good ol’ dependable NyQuil and a lot of prayers, I won in the end. Actually, I have Angelina to thank for giving me the extra boost of health in the end, because when I walked into her room and saw her getting ready with her mom, sister, soon-to-be mom-in-law and sister-in-law, excitement for her and Jesse took over.

Jesse and Angelina didn’t have the typical 12-hour long wedding day. It actually wasn’t a “day” at all.  To make the most out of their weekend with friends and family who were visiting from out of town, Jesse and Angelina made their happy day a happy 2-days at the lovely Sycamore Springs Mineral Resort.

Their intimate ceremony of 15 felt like 150, with the amount of love you just couldn’t help but feel, especially from their parents and sisters. The bride and groom each come from such close-knit families, and after that morning, they created a new one. After some alone time at one of their favorite places, Laeticia Vineyard & Winery (alone time with their photographers, that is), they hosted a happy hour that same evening with friends and relatives who were in town, and the next day, they hosted a cocktail lunch with all the reception trimmings, including speeches that had everyone laughing as well as crying.

Thanks so much, Jesse and Angelina, for letting us be part of such a fun and special weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Angelina & Jesse: Wedding – San Luis Obispo, CA

  1. erendira says:

    Wow, ditto for everything you wrote. Everything was so wonderful and hugs to all. Miss everyone but thankful that we have wonderful pictures that were captured by great photographers that we have for our memories forever 🙂

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