Ambitious: The Day of Four Sessions

I can do this, I thought to myself. I can do four family shoots in one day if we’re all at the same location, right? It should be fine, right? =) It was totally fine, mostly because I loved everyone who stepped in front of my camera.

Having this Disney Annual Pass is awesome! And what’s even more awesome is that I have fun people to go with. That first Sunday in November was such a great day! Four family sessions at Cali Adventure, and then the rest of the day to eat, ride rides and spend some time with some of my favorite kids.

~ Ballon Family ~


~ Evangelista Family ~

2013-01-06_0192013-01-06_0202013-01-06_0212013-01-06_016 2013-01-06_0172013-01-06_022 2013-01-06_023

~ Lapaz Family ~



~ Mindanao Family ~

2013-01-06_0372013-01-06_0382013-01-06_0392013-01-06_0402013-01-06_0362013-01-06_041 2013-01-06_042 2013-01-06_043 2013-01-06_044 2013-01-06_045

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