Center of Attention: Natalia and Her Family

“She gives away her smiles for free,” my friend, Grace said about little Natalia (Lia, for short).

When I arrived at the Lopez household after a long day at work, I was greeted by a little ball of sunshine crawling around the living room. It took all but 2 minutes for Lia to assess whether I was friend or foe, and then it was all smiles. Her big sis, Olivia (Livie for short), was a harder sell, but she was a good sport nonetheless.

I’m so amused by the relationship between two sisters, maybe because I’ve got a little sister of my own. That’s why the last 15 minutes of our session had me cracking up. “Hug your sister!” Grace urged Livie. Hilarious, these two!

Thanks, Jorge, Grace, Livie and Lia – the long day at the office and the drive through rush hour traffic were but fleeting annoyances after an evening with you!

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