I finally did it! THE 5D, MARK II IS MINE AT LAST! Yes, I’m fully aware that there’s a Mark III out now, but until I can consider myself more “pro,” I am 100% happy with my II. So happy. Unbelievably happy. It’s not just this great camera that I’ve been lusting over for the past few years – it’s a symbol of so many things (Warning: corniness quickly approaching).

When I first became a real student of photography, when I first started caring about shutter speed, ISO and confusing myself with the inverse relation between the aperture values and what they actually meant (the higher the f-stop the smaller the opening? WHAT?!), I thought I’d never understand any of it enough to own my own DSLR, let alone something of 5D caliber. My 40D has been instrumental in my desire to learn everything I can about the art, as well as the science, of photography. She’s been reliable the last 4 years, but I think I’m ready for my full-frame now =)

Armed with my new toy and still favorite lens (20mm), I spent an evening after work acquainting myself with this awesome machine! Where better to take photos than my neighborhood shopping center? So I walked around and clicked…clicked…and clicked some more. I think it’s safe to say I’m in love with this camera. Please don’t judge me – I’m not a materialistic person, but what this thing can do, especially when the light is being difficult? 6400 ISO?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! =)

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