Wide-eyed: Baby Jonah

Jet black hair, super wide eyes, cute button nose – that’s my new godson, Jonah. He’s just over two months old now and growing at an exponential rate. Okay I’m exaggerating but seriously, this kid can eat! I’ve seen him three times since he was born and I just can’t stop staring at his cute little face. Last Friday, he was sitting in his musical swing and we were basically having a staring contest – which he won because, I don’t think he blinked. haha!

Jeff and Christine are doing an awesome job as first-time parents, and to help in their transition is Mama Thelma, Christine’s grandmother. How awesome is that for her to be taking care of her great-grandson?

I can’t tell yet who Jonah looks like but you can see it him – a little mom, a little dad, and a whole lot of pure cuteness in between.

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