Life Is Beautiful: Worley Family

The first handshake, the first smile – heck, the FIRST E-MAIL, I knew in an instant that these people would be some of the kindest I’d ever met. I had the awesome fortune of meeting Steve and Julieta through one of my co-worker buddies, Jovi, and I’m convinced that no matter what negativity is out there in the universe, good still exists. I know this because of these wonderful people. Julieta is just the sweetest lady you could ever meet and her husband, Steve is no different. Together, they have two beautiful children in Maggie and Sam, and as a family, they’re as fun loving a group as you could get.

Thank you so much, Steve and Julieta, for getting up on a Saturday morning to hang out with me for a couple of hours. Can’t wait for our next shoot!

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