The Real Deal: Joan & Bong

Joan’s long white robe opened up as she leaned over to pick up something and there was Hello Kitty peaking out, patterned all over her pink pajamas. I own two pairs of Hello Kitty pj’s myself (don’t hate, they’re cute!) and couldn’t help but, “aaaw!” I told her (Joan, not Hello Kitty) that we absolutely needed to get some shots of her in the adorable pj’s and she laughed, “Really? Are you sure?” How could we not? Every thread of those Sanrio pj’s reflected more of Joan’s personality than any boring white Marriott bathrobe ever could.

Joan was aglow all morning; heck, all day, as most brides tend to be. And I don’t think I remember her ever looking stressed or worried. Calm as a cucumber (when did vegetables gain the ability to experience calm? Save it for another entry? ok). In the short time I’ve gotten to know her, I discovered she’s like that all the time. And her hubby, Bong, is, literally, a barrel of laughs. The way he cracks Joan up (not to mention everyone around him), it’s not a mystery why they were meant to be together.

Thanks for letting us be part of your day, Mr. & Mrs.!

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