Chill As Can Be: Chris & Mike

Downtown Orange is such a cute place. It’s got that small town America feel that’s lost in the vastness of busy city life in Southern California. A late summer Saturday afternoon there is a nice way to just relax and hang out, to have lunch, take walks or just people watch. It was the perfect place for an engagement shoot for Chris and Mike.

From the moment I met Chris and Mike, the first word that came to my mind was “chill.” They’re such easygoing individuals, which make for an easygoing couple. They’re so funny, letting us know early on that being all affectionate in front of the camera is something they’re not entirely expert at, and they were shy in the beginning. After awhile, though, they warmed up to our clicking and started goofing around like they were just hanging out, which set up the perfect circumstances for those of us who were trying to capture them au naturale.

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