Sweet Little Sophie

I’ve known my friend, Joy, since we were in elementary school. She’s three years older than me and I distinctly remember going to her graduation when I was a 5th grader, and crying because she (and a few other friends I had in her class) were leaving. I really was sad. Having been an only child at that age, I loved having friends who were older than me, and think of them as big brothers and sisters. Joy was someone I considered a big sister.

Even though she had gone on to high school, she wrote me as often as she could (the internet wasn’t…there yet), in some of the prettiest handwriting, and on the cutest stationeryI’d ever seen. Every so often, she’d call to check up on me, despite her busy high school life. I really did miss her. She’d always comfort me, saying that we’d see each other more…when I graduated from elementary. Yup, we went to the same high school – Immaculate Heart, and I got to see her everyday for a year…until she graduated again.

The phonecalls and letters had ceased, but we found each other again and I’m so happy we did. She’s got a beautiful family now (husband, Melvin and daughters Kailyn and Sophie), and I felt priveleged when she asked me to shoot Sophie’s 1st birthday.

The theme was Sophie’s Sweet Shoppe, and you’ll see why a few more scrolls down. The party was held on the CBS Studio Lot in Studio City and no details were left out. From the invitations that matched the goodie bags (designed by another IHHS alum and my talented friend, Melanie Lantin), to the bright colors of the place settings and balloons, to the CANDY BAR that had every kind of sweet treat you could ask for – Sophie’s Sweet Shoppe was heaven for all the kids. And just to appease the parents from the afternoon spent consuming all the candy, the party favors were, you guessed it, toothbrushes of course!

I know this post is months late but I couldn’t resist posting it. It was so much fun to cover for me and Andrew!

Thanks Canoza family and happy, happy birthday, sweet Sophie!

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