Holding On to Holden

Last month, my cousin, her husband, and my nephew came to visit us from Boston. This was the first time that we all met Holden and I can’t say enough about how quickly we just fell in love with this little boy. The grandson of my dad’s younger brother (Tito Dannie lives in New Jersey), Holden is truly one of my uncle’s most precious treasures. It’s funny because when they all got to my house, Holden rushed to my dad and yelled, “Papa!” because he thought it was his grandfather – hahaha! My grandparents were especially fond of him. It must be so wonderful for them to have been able to see great-grandchildren such as Holden and our little boy in Chicago, Kelsoe. Nanay and Tatay really couldn’t help but smile each time Holden ran by them that afternoon.

He’s only 3 years old but is as smart as they come and, being the product of two such nice people in Ate Cheryl and Eric, he’s also as sweet. He attends a pre-school in Boston where lessons are bi-lingual, so he knows how so speak some Spanish!

Another reason to visit Boston…






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