Jacqueline & Averell: Having A Baby

I just adore Jackie and Averell. I can’t say enough about what genuine, funloving, people they are! For as long as I’ve known them, they never seem to allow stress or worry to invade their lives. They’re just so calm all the time, which is what I expect their little girl to be.

Jackie is due in about a month (around New Year’s!), and the two have spent the last few months preparing for Baby Elle’s arrival. Her cute, tiny little clothes are all hanging in her closet already, organized by size of course. She’s got a drawer full of headbands and shoes. A painting of a giraffe, by dad himself, ┬áis hanging on her bedroom wall and a homemade mobile with individually sewn birdies is in the works.

Jackie and Averell – you are going to make such WONDERFUL parents! Thank you for allowing me to document such important moments in your life together! Can’t wait to meet Elle!

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