Jovi & Eddie: Engagement Session – Downtown L.A.

I would go nuts at the office without her. My best work bud, Jovi, is getting married in a few months and I was beyond honored she asked me to shoot her wedding. She and Eddie started dating around the time that we met, so I feel like I’ve been there to see every step of their relationship.

These two, I swear. You know those kids whose parents are constantly trying to catch their attention? I was the parent, and Eddie and Jovi were the kids.  “Hello! Over here, you guys!…Helloooooo?!” I always find it so much fun shooting people I know, because there’s no rapport to build. It was like the three of us just decided to meet at the Music Center and hang out.

Joves and Edward – ya’ did great! Can’t wait to party in September!

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