Effortless: Averell & Jacqueline

It’s always nerve-wracking to shoot a couple for the first time. I’ve known Averell since high school but had never met his fiancé, Jackie before. I wasn’t sure what their dynamic was as a couple, how camera shy or not camera shy they were, etc. Basically, all the fears I could have before a shoot, I felt. But as I am with every shoot, I was also saved because Averell and Jackie were just so darn easy to work with. They’re so sweet, and at the same time, so comical with each other that I think every other shot I took was of them laughing at each other…or at me. They’re complete hams and I loved every second with them!

I’ve been nursing a torn tendon for about a couple of months now, and we had to postpone this engagement shoot for a week because the pain had gotten worse one weekend. Time was of the essence though, because Averell and Jackie are temporarily living in Salt Lake City, UT for work, so their trips back here to visit family and friends, and to make arrangements for the wedding, are few and valuable. Blessings rained on me that day though, because for whatever reason, as soon as we started the shoot, I forgot about the pain and had only Averell and Jackie to focus on. What super awesome distractions they were!

We shot at the Disney Concert Music Hall, a place I’d never shot before so I was so excited. There are so many areas there that provide a beautiful backdrop for these two such wonderful people. I can’t wait for their wedding day in September! Thanks so much, Averell and Jackie, for making me part of your special day!


…don’t smile…

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