Nice & Sweet: Hiyas & Jerald

So nice. So sweet. So made for each other. I can’t think of any words to better describe Hiyas and Jerald.

Like I’ve said many times before, I love second shooting for someone, and a few months ago, I had the honor of doing so for my very talented friend, Quoc Ngo. And like I always do when I’m assisting, I cover any and everything that the primary photographer asks. On this special day, Quoc entrusted me to cover the groom and the groomsmen.

I’m not an expert at posing guys, especially a group of them. But Jerald and his groomsmen were so nice and so funny, that I barely had to do any directing. And the groom, well, let’s just say what you see in a photo is what you would get in person. Jerald is such a nice guy and it’s only fitting for someone like him to be paired with a sweetie pie like Hiyas.

After a beautiful ceremony at St. Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood, they celebrated at Calimigos Equestrian in Burbank.

Happy days ahead to you, Hiyas and Jerald!

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