Worth the Wait: Christine & Albert

I love being a second shooter. I know that ultimately, second shooters aspire to be primary shooters, adding “photography” to the ends of their last names and starting their own ventures. I’ve been learning all that I can about photography for a few years now, and from awesome teachers who I actually get to call friends. And though I’m encouraged to shoot on my own, I still can’t help but feel the absolute joy of assisting another photographer, and watching them interact with the subjects and absorbing all that I can about their systems and protocols.

A few years ago, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with one of my mentors, Ja Tecson and his lovely wife and my awesome friend, Bev. Sometimes I’m still so surprised that Ja even asks me to come along on his shoots; amateur, still in the process of learning ME. Sometimes he asks for my assistance and other times he asks if I just want to come along to get some shoots under me. It’s a true testament to the passion he has when it comes to photography; that he is always so willing to share his gifts with others. I know it’s been two years since I shot this wedding, but I figure, it’s never too late to share.

For this one special weekend, we covered the wedding of Christine and Albert. Dating for years and years, and then having to live apart while Christine attended school in New York, theirs is a love that could be felt by even a stranger like me. Christine is just this ball of joy. She was, literally, aglow that morning. She kept saying, “I can’t wait to see Albert!” and the twinkle in her eye (I’m not even kidding), seemed to sparkle every time she said his name. And Albert was as handsome as Christine was radiant, if you can imagine such a vision of the truest and purest love you’ve ever seen.  I can’t describe it any other way. An old video made by Albert (meant only for Christine’s eyes) was shown at the reception through the “kindness” of his brothers, and it was a sign of exactly how much he loved her. I’m laughing now just thinking about it.

These two kids (they’re Ja’s age so I can call them kids. haha!) were so in love, with not only each other, but their family and friends too, that if you were anywhere near their presence that day, you would surely have been one of the fortunate to feel what genuine and kind souls Christine and Albert are.

So, as an assistant for the day, I went wherever Ja asked me to go, and took pictures of whatever he asked me to shoot, and ad-libbing here and there. For this particular occasion, Ja asked that I stay with the bride and her girls and I loved every minute of it (hence the bride/bridesmaid heavy images).

Thanks so much for allowing me to shoot the day with you guys, Ja and Bev! And Hooray Christine and Albert!

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