Strawberry Shortwins: Rylie & Audrie’s 1st Birthday

Relentless pursuit of detail – In the short time that I’ve gotten to know her, no better words describe my friend, Jenn. She is more than a wife to John and more than a mommy to twin baby girls, Rylie and Audrie. She is a baking extraordinaire. With this passion for sweet (and very pretty, might I add) goodies, Jenn and hubby, John, made their daughters’ first birthday an event the girls will look back on and wish they were old enough to remember.

Good friends with the Lapaz gals, the Cortes twins celebrated their 1st birthday shortly after their buddies, Charlie and Alex =) In a sea of red, pink and green, Strawberry Shortcake and friends reigned supreme. 200+ cakepops, some of which resembled strawberries, a Strawberry Shortcake moonbounce, a Strawberry Shortcake background for pictures (which they made), a strawberry pinata and the creme de la creme, two sweet little girls surrounded by parents and grandparents who adore them, a family who loves them, and friends (adult and kids alike) who could spend hours at playtime with them. How much more blessed could two little girls be?

Thanks so much for asking me to be part of Rylie & Audrie’s happy day, Jenn and John! That was too much fun!

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