Worth A Thousand Smiles: Jacquelyn & Jason

When I say “a thousand smiles,” I mean just that. Jacquelyn and Jason’s wedding day was filled with nothing but. It was almost 90 degrees, an outdoor ceremony and reception, but as fate would have it, the new Mr. & Mrs. Gerali were as cool and calm as any bride and groom I’ve EVER seen.

James entrusted me the monumental responsibility of shooting Jacquelyn and her bridesmaids all morning and afternoon.  Nervous though I always get when I’m asked to take on such a task, I couldn’t help but take it easy because, what a funny bunch these girls were; laughing and joking around like they were just getting ready to have some lunch together.   

The ceremony was short and sweet. Jacquelyn and Jason were unable to take their eyes off of each other, and who could blame them? Jacquelyn was, simply, as radiant a bride as you can get. It’s impossible to take a bad picture of this lovely lady. And Jason was just as handsome a groom as any bride could ask for.

The best parts of this day were all the stolen moments that Jason and Jacquelyn seemed to have. On a crowded dancefloor, surrounded by family and friends bumping into them, and music blaring out of large speakers, the bride and groom looked like they were in their own world, seeing only each other.

Congratulations, J & J Gerali! Thanks for making us part of your day!

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