A Certain Look: Jacquelyn & Jason

They walked towards us, hand in hand and smiles aplenty. We knew then that it’d be a fun day of shooting in Downtown Orange with Jacquelyn and Jason.  

It’s always a challenge when you’re taking photos of a couple for the first time. I, personally, always worry how much energy and reassurance I’ll have to provide to make sure they’re never bored or self-conscious. I’ve learned that one of the most important things to remember is how to provide just enough direction to make them feel, quite simply, comfortable when the camera is clicking away.

With Jacquelyn and Jason, I felt almost like we were just hanging out. There is an ease about them as individuals and as a pair that’s undeniable, and in the 3 or 4 hours that we were fixated on them, there was one thing I couldn’t help but notice (and be completely jealous of) – the way they look at each other. Whether they’re laughing at one another or happen to take a quick, passing glance, it was just…there. That look. That, “I can’t believe he/she picked me” look.

They really are a fun couple, and over dinner, we were treated to their funny tale. Between Jacquelyn dropping hints, waiting for Jason to ask for her number, to Jason being a total guy and either not noticing or waiting too long to respond, we were all cracking up. Their big day is next weekend and I just can’t wait to see these two make it official.

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