Two, Please: Iya & Chris + 2

Blessed to hear they were having a baby…only to feel even more blessed to discover they were having two. Before the girls (they’re having two girls!) come in about a month or so, Iya and Chris wanted to make sure they had something to remember this special time. I’ve never shot a couple on the verge of having a baby before so I was greatly honored, and also very nervous, that they asked me.

It was such a fun shoot! Even though it was pouring rain, we had such a great time shooting where we could. We stole a few moments of dryness outside, but shot mostly in the house. Iya and Chris were such great sports, especially Iya (who I seem to have forgotten momentarily was carrying two babies) who did everything I asked her to. “Please lie down…please sit on the floor…please sit on the staircase…” Thanks, girl. Sorry about that =)

So two little babies are on the way for Iya and Chris in a couple of months and to say they will be great parents would be an understatement. I know they’re going to be a wonderful mom and dad and I absolutely cannot wait to meet my new goddaughter/niece! =)

3 thoughts on “Two, Please: Iya & Chris + 2

  1. reenie says:

    awwwww, anna!!! i loooovvvee the pics! congrats, iya & chris! how blessed you are to have two bundles of joy on the way! 🙂

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