Under the San Diego Sun: Jenn & Jesus

James and I drove down to San Diego this past July to shoot the wedding of one of our college friends, Jenn, and her now husband, Jesus. I know it’s been four months since that day, and I was debating whether I should even bother posting photos after so long. Then I remembered what a nice wedding it was and I couldn’t figure out why I was arguing with myself. So, here are some of my favorite images.

I LOVED Jenn’s dress! Can you tell? I must’ve taken fifty shots of it! It was so detailed in it’s lacey exterior, yet the silhouette was so simple and so fitting the bride. Jenn is such a sweet girl and her smile just radiates warmth. She barely spoke as she was getting ready, just laughing with the girls and waiting ernestly. She and Jesus decided to do a “first look” witnessed by all their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Like every moment of a wedding day, we photographers had one chance to capture this moment and I couldn’t begin to explain how nervous I was. But after the count of three, Jenn and Jesus turned to around to face each other and suddenly, it wasn’t so nervewracking. Maybe because they were all smiles after. =)

The ceremony was held at a resort called Paradise Point. An outdoor event at 5:30 pm, the sun was still quite high, bright and beaming. Soon after, every guest was treated to cocktails and appetizers on the deck, followed by dinner and dancing in the ballroom. What a beautiful day that was for the bride and groom!

Suffice it to say, James and I were wiped that evening. I don’t know how he managed to drive back all the way to L.A. from San Diego and I don’t know how I managed to stay awake to talk to him. I will NEVER let him do that again!

I can’t wait to post more photos! I’m pretty backed up =/but it’s all good! =)


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