Little Bug-a-Boo: Lorelai’s 1st Birthday

Cute, sassy, silly – that’s my niece, Lorelai in a nutshell. The sassiness she gets from her mom, the silliness from her dad. The cuteness she’s had from the womb – I just know it. Her smile is gigantic for such a super petite little baby and she just breathes happiness and joy. Oh to be a one-year old, right?

Happy 1st birthday, my adorable, sweet niece!

Toy Story Twosome: Rylie & Audrie’s 2nd Birthday

Last year, Rylie & Audrie celebrated with Strawberry Shortcake and her gang. This year, they had help from Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of Andy’s toy chest. With custom-made dresses modeled after Jesse, the cutie patootie pair of sisters greeted their terrible twos (though I have to say, neither show much of anything “terrible”) with smiley faces and the energy to boot.

My friend, Jenn (Rylie and Audrie’s mom), outdid herself (again!) with two picnic-tables’ worth of her special treats. Cakepops, cupcakes, candy – you name it, they had it. Anything for her adorable little girls =)

Under the Sea: Charlie & Alex’s 2nd Birthday

Two! Charlie and Alex are two years old! When, in the name of time, did that happen?! Seems just like yesterday I was cradling them in my arms at the hospital thinking, oh my goodness, I have friends who have twins. haha! I know they’re only toddlers, but they’ve both already got such unique personalities and the smarts to keep their parents, and anyone they come in contact with, entertained every minute we’re around them.

Love you so much, Charlie & Alex! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!